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Executive Chef

Born in Bint Jebail, South Lebanon, Habib Bazzi never imagined that he would one day be in such popular demand to the community and surrounding suburbs of his now hometown Dearborn, Michigan.

Born in 1964, Habib lived with his parents and siblings while attending school at a Montessori in Sayda, South Lebanon. Habib had a great curriculum planned our for his education and future career. After graduating from the Montessori, Habib attended two years college studying in carpentry and electrical engineering. In 1982 he migrated to Sierra Leone, West Africa, to join other entrepreneurs in the Diamond Dealer Trade. Living on his own, a single man in Africa, with no one but himself to rely on in daily house chores and preparing meals, Habib longed for “home cooking”. He then took the initiative and began experimenting with recipes that he knew nothing about except what he remembered from helping his mother in the kitchen while she cooked the family meals. After conducting a few trial meals, he knew that he had the potential to master much more complex meals than the basic rice pilaf and stews.

Habib lived in Sierra Leone until 1992 before migrating to the United States, and making Dearborn, Michigan his new home. Upon arriving in the U.S., Habib found employment at Shatila Food products, “boxing and shipping” pastries, which lasted a few months. Soon after, he left Shatila for the Sheik Restaurant on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. He assumed the duties of juice bar attendant and waiting tables part time.

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Since 2009


Habib’s Cuisine is an Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant & Banquet

known for its extraordinary flavors. Chef Habib believes

that quality along with quantity, are the keys to his success. Only the freshest

ingredients are used through and through. He dedicates his time in

compiling his spices & herbs directly from the Middle East for all his

marinades and dressings. Chef Habib’s most popular signature dishes

are, Ooze’ ( rice w/ lamb chucks ) and of course, the ever famous

“ Potato Balls”.


What People Say

  • "I went back here last night with a date and it was well worth the drive from Belleville. The food was spectacular as usual. It was very busy last night but the service was impeccable and we even got to meet the manager.  I'm glad to see business is booming.  It will ensure Habib's stays around for a long time.  If you haven't been yet make some time.  They really go the extra mile in all areas of food quality and presentation.  Take my advice and dress up a little bit though!  This ain't your average Middle Eastern diner."

    Aaron N,

  • "Came here with family, food was very prompt, I ordered the lamb chops, they were excellent, very flavorful. My husband ordered the Shish kabob, it was good and very juicy he ordered potato balls on the side which were good."

    Zeina A.,

  • "Great choice, excellent flavor, good service.  Middle-eastern food served on a white linen tablecloth."

    James M,

  • "Came for dinner when I was back in town for the holidays. This is probably the best Middle Eastern food I've ever had.  Best baba ghannouj, kafta, tawook, shawarma, rice pudding, and everything else."

    Jeff A.,